Shells on the BEACH

Welcome to the Bygone Beach Chronicles.  Not sure of that title but for now, it will have to do.

When my daughter got involved with a guy names “Beach”  I had no idea what interesting facts would unfold by adding him to the family tree after the birth of their son.  There is no way that I could keep all of these facts to myself.  I now have three blogs, two of which are spin offs of the Wolfinger Wonderings.  You may see information crossing paths with these three blogs simply because there is so much.  The Beach Family will give us hours of interesting reading and cause for thought.  Being from the Virginia and Maryland area their lineage is overflowing with history.  We all know how much I love history.

As we take the “Journey” on Wolfinger Wonderings and kick around a few stones on Bones N Stones, let us also collect the shells on the Bygone Beach Chronicles.  It should be fun.  Happy Reading and Thank you.